A family of leading independent boarding and day schools nestled in Makhanda, the heart of the Eastern Cape, offering high-quality all-round education and care for boys and girls from Grade 000 to Grade 12.

Welcome from the Heads

Welcome message from the heads



PRE-PREP: Small school – BIG HEART!

A place for our littlest people to feel safe and secure as they are encouraged to explore, discover and create to their heart’s content with uncapped imagination and curiosity.


Pre Prep

Grade 000 - Grade R (co-ed)


Beloved Fairlawn holds a firm place in many hearts.  Those who have passed through its gates speak of the kind and loving environment, its remarkable people, their passion and the incredible impact they have on these little minds.


Junior Prep

Grade 1 - Grade 3 (co-ed)


In this warm and intimate setting, boys are free to be truly authentic without fear of failure or judgment, allowing them to build character and learn skills for life! Top Prep invests much care into each boy’s individual needs and aptitudes, giving them the tools to take on the demands of Senior School with confidence.


Senior Prep

Grade 4 - Grade 7 (boys)


DSG Junior is a wonderfully warm environment keeping our girls engaged, motivated, and inspired by creating a practical hands-on experience, encouraging them to explore freely , igniting a lifelong love for learning.



DSG Junior

Grade 4 - Grade 7 (girls)


Celebrating 150 years of the “sisterhood” in 2024.  An incredibly diverse and all-embracing environment – with girls joining us from across the country, continent, and globe, forming lifelong connections transcending cultural, language, geographical & social differences.


DSG Senior

Grade 8 - Grade 12 (girls)


St Andrew’s College is passionate about ensuring that each boy is schooled for life in a caring and compassionate environment, enabling him to develop a solid character whilst striving to reach his full potential with grit, resilience, and determination.



St Andrew's College

Grade 8 - Grade 12 (boys)

Our Family of Schools has a unique model where we benefit from both co-ed and monastic education.  The journey at our Family of Schools begins with co-educational instruction.  When our pupils are learning their ABCs, they learn to interact and engage with the opposite sex confidently.  Girls and boys then separate for the pre-adolescent years (Grades 4-9) a time when girls and boys learn at different rates and in different ways.  In Grade 10, once again pupils find themselves in a co-ed environment enabling them to learn from a true representation of the world beyond our walls.  Regardless of the co-educational instruction which covers a multitude of areas, both girls and boys retreat to their respective campuses at the end of the day, partake in and enjoy the traditions and offerings their badges represent.

From Grade 1 to Grade 12, our Family of Schools offers pupils a day or boarding option.
Our youngest (Grade 1-7) are also able to sign up for weekly boarding should your proximity allow.
Day pupils are welcomed to join in on any boarding activities during the week and or weekend, most choosing to base themselves on campus until after evening prep.  Day pupils have access to a study area and locker and are encouraged to get involved in campus life as much as possible.

Boarders do benefit greatly from having a world of opportunity at their fingertips. They are surrounded by state-of-the-art facilities and excellent teachers and coaches, which they have access to 7 days a week. Owing to the structure of the school day and the campus layout, pupils can pursue their academics rigorously without compromising on the abundant offering of extramural activities, allowing each pupil to seize every opportunity that comes along. There is no issue of conflicting schedules and endless commutes – instead, each hour is utilized effectively to fit in a full day of stimulating activities which includes socializing and homework!

Our Family of Schools is located in Makhanda, the heart and creative centre of the Eastern Cape. It is a unique town (technically a city) that holds a special place for those lucky enough to experience it for a season of their lives. Despite its struggles with governance, Makhanda still manages to show off the essence of what makes one stay or inspires a parent to send their child to one of our schools. The eclectic community that surrounds and supports our family of schools is made up of diverse individuals who all share something in common – authenticity and a sense of community. We are spoilt with our starry nights, beautiful sunsets, magnificent mountainside, and proximity to the coast and game farms. There is not much to do in Makhanda compared to the bustling cities; however, it is the very thing that makes it work. We are people focused; we are about family, friends, and relationships. To give your children the opportunity to come to school in Makhanda, is a wonderful gift. Your child will receive a world-class education in a place that values authenticity, celebrates diversity and allows children to grow up organically in a safe and secure environment.

When your child enters school, it is tricky to figure out what type of young adult they will grow up to be or where and how they will fit in.  At our Family of Schools, from day one, we encourage our pupils to get involved and immerse themselves in the abundance of opportunities on offer.  From chess to rugby, pipe band to lifestyle sports, there truly is something for everyone!

We encourage fearless participation;  whether you come first or last, you know that at our schools, the cheering and support from the side-line will get you through and make anything seem possible. 

We offer extensive community engagement programmes through The President’s Award and leadership and pupil development modules. 

We strive to instil a passion for learning and create an environment that delivers an ambitious and all-round education.

All campuses have access to borehole water allowing pupils seamlessly shower, and flush loos without issue. However, we do insist that pupils are considerate and mindful of our current water shortage and do not waste the precious water we have.  There are various filtered water stations throughout the campus giving pupils and staff access to drinking water.

  • All three campuses have generators enabling pupils to get through the day without any interruption to their respective lessons, activities, or homework.  Should the generator fail for any reason, we have our maintenance team on call to ensure the problem gets immediate attention.